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About Alicia


I have turned my hobby into a passion, working for others to accomplish online marketing success through social media, photography, and freelance writing. Inspiring others through my passion for agriculture at speaking engagements is my life's mission. I would love to work for you and help you achieve online success.


  • Lisa Prater

    As a blogger for Successful Farming and Agriculture.com’s Women in Ag project, Alicia shares her wit, wisdom, and insight with our audience. Her willingness to share the struggles and triumphs from her own life lets other women in agriculture know they are not alone.

    Whether she’s blogging about her path from growing up raising cattle and crops to marrying a pig farmer, reminiscing about how childhood experiences on the farm and in 4-H have shaped her into the woman she is today, or simply sharing the struggles all busy moms face, Alicia is a treasured voice in the Women in Ag community and a valuable contributor to Successful Farming.

    Lisa Foust Prater
    Successful Farming Family and Farmstead Editor


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